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Vibratory Washing Machine

Vibratory Washing Machine

  1. This machine has a double-layer arc-shaped bottom groove and an upper arced groove, which was punched with a long strip and welded to the lower groove. It is combined with the vibration mechanism.
  2. Using the restoring force of the spring on the vibrating mechanism, the workpiece is urged in the arc-shaped groove to generate continuous circulation and revolving motion, that is, three-dimensional motion.And through the immersion or circulation of the cleaning oil, the complete separation of copper chips is achieved.
  3. Amplitude parameters: up and down amplitude 1720 times per minute/up and down height difference 3~3m/m

Vibratory Washing Machine

Model Washing Capacity Separator Power Pump Power Machine Height Weight
KW-30 18L 1/2HP 1/8HP 830*580*730 100kg


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