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V-shaped Octagon Finishing Machine

V-Shaped Octagon Finishing Machine

The machine container is composed of an octagon drum tapered on both ends, which enhances the complete mixing and stirring of the objects and completes the products with uniform quality and efficient polishing.

V-shaped Octagon Finishing Machine

Model Gross Volume LT Motor(HP) Barrel Diameter x Barrel Body(mm) Weight
VT-30 30L 1/4HP 380 x 430 89kg
VT-50 50L 1/2HP 460 x 305 106kg
VT-100 100L 1HP 610 x 610 178kg
VT-200 200L 2HP 760 x 760 288kg
VT-250 250L 2HP 676 x 870 468kg
VT-350 350L 2HP 772 x 1020 650kg
VT-500 500L 5HP 908 x 1040 805kg
VT-850 850L 7.5HP 998 x 1290 870kg


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