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SL-3-Dimensional Vibratory Finishing Machine

SL-3-Dimensional Vibratory Finishing Machine

1. SL Vibratory Machine's mechanism has a built-in vibratory motor which drives the grinding groove to generate strong and fine vibrations and rolls. 2. , The bottom physical curve allows workpieces and abrasive compounds generating high temperature and antifriction. 3. SL Vibratory Machine is an automatic material selection machine. The material selection area is equipped with a conversion gate and a filter screen, which is easy to select and easy to operate.

3-Dimension Vibratory Finishing Machine

has high frequency vibration , mixed perfectly the objects, abrasive chips or steel balls and abrasive compounds with spiral rolling flow. Specially , it can clean ports of irregular contour with holes , and/or dead corners of any workpieces. For the quality control, the spot check can be made while the machine is working to ensure good quality and improve the efficiency.

The Application:

This machine is compatible with finishing stainless steels, ferrous, cast iron, and non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper, brass, zinc, allies and porcelain jade stones, corals, agate, synthetic resins, plastic, bamboo, wood, etc. The workpieces could be polished to a glossy finish by selecting washing material, removing rust and burrs, mediums, and compounds and adjusting the frequency of the vibration motor.


Model   Gross Volume LT  Total Capacity  Motor(HP) Bowl diameter(mm) Height(mm) Weight 
SL-100 100L 300kg 2HP 890 1010 360kg
SL-150 150L 380kg 3HP 1035 1095 450kg
SL-250 250L 650kg 5HP 1190 1310 600kg
SL-350 350L 950kg 7.5HP 1350 1390 720kg
SL-500 500L 1200kg 10HP 1520 1470 1020kg
SL-750 750L 2000kg 15HP 1750 1630 1600kg


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