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Luster Finishing Compound

Luster Finishing Compound

During the finishing process, the surface of the workpiece is lubricated, emulsified, and foamed without causing the workpieces during grinding to collide and scratch each other. It can handle steel, stainless steel, aluminium, zinc, copper and other materials workpieces.

Luster Finishing Compound

Item NO. Processing Material PH Value      PH±0.5 Shape Abrasive chip    Package Notes
LF-301H Iron                                   6.5~7.5 powder steel balls         20kg carton
LF-302F aluminum                                             8.5~9.5 powder 20kg woven bag
LF-402E aluminum                                           8.5~9.5 powder 20kg woven bag
 LF-305G zinccopper                                       3.46~4.46 paste   fine abrasive chips           50kg plastic bucket 
 LF-305R zinccopper                                       2.8~3.8 paste   50kg plastic bucket 
 LF-306A stainless steel、aluminum、copper           8.0~9.0 paste   steel balls        50kg plastic bucket 
 LF-307 4.5~5.5 paste   50kg plastic bucket 
LF-507C stainless steelStainless steel、Aluminum、Zinc、Copper 、zinc、copper                                         2.5~3.5 paste   50kg plastic bucket 
 LF-308D stainless steel、aluminum、copper          2.4~3.4 liquid  30kg Plastic Bucket  
LF-309D stainless steel、stainless steel、copper、zinc           8.9~9.9 liquid  30kg Plastic Bucket   Has anti-rust effect     
 LF-319T zinc、stainless steel、copper                                      8.9~9.9 liquid  30kg Plastic Bucket  
LF-319U 8.75~9.75 liquid  30kg Plastic Bucket  
 LF-409H aluminum, zinc, copper          7.9~8.9 liquid  30kg Plastic Bucket  
 LF-419A stainless steelStainless steel、Aluminum、Zinc、Copper 、zinc、copper                                        9.0~10.0 liquid  30kg Plastic Bucket  


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