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Anti-Rust Abrasive Compound

Anti-Rust Abrasive Compound

Used to inhibit the rapid oxidation of various metals, such as iron rusting or copper oxidation.

Anti-Rust Abrasive Compound

Item NO. Processing Material pH value Shape Abrasive chip Package Notes
PR-313 steel and iron 8.0~9.0 powder mixed finishing chips 25kg woven bag soaking, rough finishing
PR-315D Copper and Copper Alloys 7.10~8.10 liquid  steel balls and rough surface chips 20kg plastic basket soaking
PR-413A steel, iron, cast iron 10.37~11.37 liquid 30kg Plastic Bucket soaking, rough finishing
PR-713B steel, iron, cast iron 9.8~10.8 liquid 30kg Plastic Bucket


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